Here you can watch some television broadcasts


Robert Rook trio at Los Angeles Television



Robert Rook performing with his trio at Dutch national television program "Vrije Geluiden" (2006):

Robert Rook interview at Djazz TV

Robert Rook trio at Djazz TV - Live In Amsterdam

Robert Rook trio at Djazz TV - The Other Set

Robert Rook trio at Djazz TV:

Monk Is The Man


Roving Rook


You don't know what love is


News Tune




Soul Eyes


Drums May Never Stop


Magic Moments


Nothing Rhymes On A Waterbike


In Your Own Sweet Way


I Hear A Rhapsody


Drained Feelings


Faster Than Your Legs


Someday My Prince Will Come


Hymn For Fall


Piano Feature


Bass Feature


Drums Feature